White Papers

In order to provide a research-based explanation for why United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County (UWSA) selected Ready Children, Successful Students and Strong Individuals and Families as impact areas, UWSA analyzed local and national data, conducted interviews with subject-matter experts, reviewed annotated bibliographies and research submitted by nonprofit agencies and community partners and studied community resources and evidence-based programs.  The results are delineated in these White Papers with a frame of national data, local data and context, key influencing factors, key impact strategies and indicators of progress.

United Way’s work is and remains, by design, iterative and is intended to be informed by and responsive to community conditions to inspire the most good and create the most change.  As we conduct additional research and receive community feedback, we will incorporate that into future versions of the White Papers.

Ready Children

Successful Students

Strong Individuals and Families

One additional impact area in which UWSA invests is Safety Net services.  Once we complete our efforts to align program funding for Ready Children, Successful Students and Strong Individuals and Families, we will begin the process to determine how best to align Safety Net services to support these areas.