How to Manage a Campaign

Your Role as an Employee Campaign Manager

As an Employee Campaign Manager (ECM), you are positioned to bring United Way into the workplace. The more exposure your campaign committee and your co-workers have to United Way and its work, the more your campaign will grow. ECMs are the key to a successful workplace campaign. When you serve as an ECM for your organization’s campaign, you are joining thousands of other committed volunteers in our community.

Primary Objective:

To enable your co-workers to create a stronger community by planning, organizing and coordinating a successful United Way Campaign within your company. Managing your company’s fundraising campaign is a lot of work in addition to the job you do each day. We are here to help you make your company’s campaign a success.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Attend Employee Campaign Manager training
  • Work with your United Way staff to develop an effective campaign plan
  • Recruit and coordinate a team of volunteers to assist you
  • Coordinate and attend your company’s kickoff and recognition events
  • Promote the campaign throughout the company
  • Encourage volunteerism among your co-workers
  • Encourage leadership giving in your campaign
  • Educate your co-workers about United Way
  • Make a gift yourself
  • Invite everyone to give
  • Thank your donors and volunteers
  • Complete your campaign by preparing your final Campaign Report and turning in completed pledge forms
  • Evaluate and make recommendations for next year’s campaign

On behalf of the people who will be helped this year, thank you for all your hard work. It takes people like you, who go above and beyond, to make this campaign successful.