San Antonio Volunteer Administrators (SAVA)

San Antonio Volunteer Administrators (SAVA) is a professional organization for volunteer administrators.

Membership is open to any person with volunteer management responsibilities or interests.  By providing its members training, networking and leadership opportunities, SAVA  enhances the quality of volunteer management.  It is a program of the Volunteer Center of the United Way.

SAVA meets monthly and addresses relevant topics such as recruitment, retention and management of volunteers, event planning, and volunteer recognition.  The organization membership fee for SAVA is $30.00 per year and allows each organization one vote.  Any organization that has paid the $30.00 fee may register additional members at $15.00 each.  Members may invite guests to meetings.

Join SAVA during November or Decemeber 2020 you will receive a discounted membership of $20 for the remainder of the SAVA 2020 – 2021 year ending on June 30, 2021. 

MISSION: to provide education, networking, and support opportunities that promote excellence in the field of volunteer management and engagement in and around San Antonio.

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SAVA provides professional opportunities for volunteer administrators to learn more about volunteer management.  Through the SAVA network, members are eligible to participate in bi-monthly meetings, bi-monthly lunch and learn meetings, an annual training  workshop, and make valuable connections with other volunteer management professionals. Diverse committees provide SAVA members with the opportunity to participate in organizational development as well as supporting SAVA services and resources.

To join SAVA or to get information, contact Brandyn Rodriguez at Vice President, Community Relations.

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