Loaned Executive Program

As a United Way donor, you want your contribution to be used for those who need it most rather than paying high operating costs. That’s why more and more companies are participating in United Way’s Loaned Executive Program.

Each year, employers throughout San Antonio loan management employees to help run United Way’s campaign. These Loaned Executives (LEs) become part of the United Way staff while they remain on their companies’ payrolls.

Benefits to Your Organization
CEOs who support the program also receive a return on their investment. Because of the intensive training and experience LEs receive, they return to their employers with new skills and increased value. During their tenure at United Way, LEs receive training in the following areas:

  • Management – LEs learn time-management skills, set goals and objectives, establish priorities and use resources wisely.
  • Planning – LEs develop account plans, research past history and current trends of these accounts and learn to coordinate all campaign-related activities with United Way volunteers and staff.
  • Selling a product and conflict resolution – LEs learn that the endorsement of a CEO is critical to the success of a campaign. They use persuasion to resolve objections, answer though questions and ultimately close the sale.

Qualifications for LEs
United Way needs LEs who are enthusiastic, organized, thorough and who work well with others. They should be people who you feel have a bright future in your company.

2020 Loaned Executive Directory – COMING SOON

Contact Us
To learn more about the Loaned Executive Program or to confirm your company’s participation, please contact:

Linda Garza
Senior Vice President, Corporate Campaigns
Phone: 210.352.7035