Labor Support

United Way and AFL-CIO Partnership


United Way and the labor movement share a history of partnership dating back to World War II. More than seven decades ago, the Community Chests and Councils Inc. (now UWW) connected to unions and their members through the United Nations Relief Committee of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) and the National Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) Committee for American and Allied War Relief to develop a mechanism for payroll deduction.

The first formal agreement between the two organizations encouraged labor representation on Community Chests boards and councils, and for recognition of union members’ contributions. To coordinate effective support, organized labor and the Community Chests and Councils Inc. agreed to join in collaborative fund raising and community development. As a result, labor liaison positions were established on the staffs of local community chests. Since then, millions of union members have become part of the United Way family through countless volunteer hours, contributing hundreds of millions of dollars annually and making other significant contributions.


United Way and the AFL-CIO share a common vision of prosperous, inclusive, diverse and safe communities, where every member of the community has access to a quality public education, fair wages, productive work opportunities, and accessible, affordable, quality health care.


Terri Ramos, Vice President of Labor Services and Rachel Cavazos, Director of Labor services collectively possess over 60 years of leadership experience with labor unions, working families, community engagement and community service.


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For over three decades, the Labor Liaisons have served as the emissary between labor unions and United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County by

  • Involving members in United Way employee campaigns at various levels.
  • Training union members to assist co-workers with information about available services and refer them to the appropriate organization along with 211 services.
  • Engaging members to become active in the community through volunteerism and leadership.