Impact Councils

Our work supports four focus areas: Ready Children, Successful Students, Strong Individuals and Families and Safety Net.


United Way’s Ready Children Impact Council works to ensure all children are happy, healthy and ready to enter kindergarten and succeed in school. The Council focuses on programs that support families with resources that ensure children ages 0-8 are developmentally on track to reach their full potential.


United Way’s Successful Students Impact Council is intent on helping school-age children grow, graduate and become successful adults. The Council focuses on students graduating ready for college and/or career, providing a stable environment conducive to learning and ensuring students have supportive adults to help them realize their potential.


United Way’s Strong Individuals and Families Impact Council recognizes the need for a support system that provides individuals and families the opportunity to achieve self-sufficiency.  The Council focuses on advancement made possible through education and employment, resiliency to respond to change and economic stability.


United Way’s Safety Net Impact Council supports emergency and disaster care services to help stabilize individuals and families, meeting their most immediate needs.  The Council focuses on providing short-term assistance that leads to self-sufficiency.