Emergency Care

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Crisis can hit anyone, anytime and anywhere. It can threaten a person’s emotional, physical and financial well being. Every day more people are stretched to afford even the most basic needs as the cost of food, housing, and fuel increases. Many are just one paycheck away from being homeless or having their utilities disconnected.

Traumatic events such as rape, a house fire, or a natural disaster can devastate a person’s life in an instant. Once a crisis hits, the stress can make it difficult to know where to turn.

Emergency care services help stabilize individuals and families meeting the most immediate, urgent needs. While the assistance is usually on a short-term basis, it helps sustain people through the crisis.

In San Antonio, United Way funds 29 emergency care programs at 15 agencies that provide people with the most immediate, basic needs. For assistance, please call (210) 352-7000 or simply dial 2-1-1.