Dual Generation Partnership

We believe that when children are surrounded by strong families and healthy communities, they can overcome the challenges of poverty and fulfill their potential. For many families, especially those in east San Antonio, covering everyday needs such as safe housing, a stable job and child care, seems nearly impossible. For generations, this has held people back from achieving more for themselves and their loved ones. San Antonio’s Eastside is not alone, as poverty is a complex challenge without a single solution. Many programs and providers offer support, but isolated approaches have not enabled families and neighborhoods to break the cycle and achieve greater stability.

The San Antonio Dual Generation Initiative is an unprecedented community-wide answer that looks at the challenges created by poverty through the lens of people’s real lives and needs. The program’s power lies within coordinating the expertise of its many partners who bring decades of experience serving children and families. Combining solutions for finding housing, education, child care and employment, trusted community partners help families address their most pressing needs, but they don’t stop there.

Children receive high-quality early education to help them reach their highest potential in the classroom and beyond. Parents gain the skills and tools to achieve financial stability and better support their children— and become more involved in their lives. The San Antonio Dual Generation Initiative engages the strength of its community partners to work in concert because giving parents and children the opportunity to succeed together best positions families to thrive and fortifies the whole community.

We are creating hope in San Antonio by removing barriers and enabling families to achieve greater stability and success. We see promising strides in our neighborhoods that will strengthen families for today and into the future. Every parent who completes a credential and gets a job is a hero for that family. When a child is able to start school ready to learn and grow, he or she is on the path to fulfilling his or her potential.  And, this success will power the next generation!

If you believe that east San Antonio should be a community where both children and parents can succeed together, join us. With your help, we can work toward disrupting the cycle of poverty.

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Our office is located at the Eastside Education & Training Center at 4551 Dietrich Rd., San Antonio TX 78220. If we can assist you or someone you know, please contact us at: 210-352-7142.