Developing Successful Children

United Way’s Children’s Issue Council programs work to ensure all children are healthy, safe and prepared to enter kindergarten and succeed in school. Through parent education and early childhood education programs, the Children’s Issue Council is able to work with the family as a whole to encourage learning, healthy living and a safe environment.

Through incorporating the Six Protective Factors with home-based parenting and nutrition classes, Play and Learn groups, fatherhood programs, site-based parenting classes and model classroom activities working with childcare centers and homes, Children’s Issue Council programs reach thousands of families each year.

The Six Protective Factors:

In the past year, United Way’s Children’s Issue Council and its partners served 3,621 children and caregivers and conducted more than 4,300 home visits. Of the caregivers who participated, 32% were male, informing us of the growing number of fathers who see these programs as beneficial.

In an effort to encourage post-secondary education, United Way provides childcare scholarships to help parents with the cost of childcare while they are enrolled in college full-time or working and enrolled part-time. Students apply through their college or university and work with a case manager throughout the year. In addition to funding from the Children’s Issue Council, these scholarships are also supported by the Women’s Leadership Council.