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March 2017


March is a time of new beginnings and change. We move from winter to the first day of spring, experience daylight savings time; and, in Texas, we Remember the Alamo.

March is also the launch of the third annual United Way Shoebox Project, which couples kindness and creativity with new beginnings.

Shoebox ItemsThis spring, shoeboxes filled with items like toothbrushes, lotion, deodorant, soap, shampoo and Band Aids will be distributed to 40 nonprofit partners serving local children, veterans, elderly, homeless and vulnerable populations.

They are small items that fill a shoebox, but they can mean so much. I am reminded of a visit I once had to a local children’s agency. A little girl was given the simple gift of a toothbrush during an educational session to reinforce healthy dental care. She was beaming with excitement as she tugged on my suit coat and said, “Is this just for me?”

Turns out, the family was on a tight budget, and she and her five siblings were sharing a toothbrush.

I invite you to take a minute and think about the impact of receiving the gift of a shoebox full of personal care items when you have little else of your own. Please volunteer with us to fill boxes or fill and decorate your own. little things

It could be a new beginning for someone. And for you, too, as you make a big difference with small things.

Thank you for all that you do for United Way and for those who need assistance.


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Harvey Najim

2016-2017 Chairman, United Way Board of Trustees

President, The Harvey E. Najim Family Foundation


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