United Way Strategic Alignment

United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County has had a long and successful history of raising and allocating funds to strong, well-managed agencies and programs that support a large spectrum of community needs.

As changes in the social, demographic, economic and environmental landscape influence shifts in the well-being of a community, so too is United Way’s approach to supporting the community evolving in response to deep-rooted and emerging community conditions.

Four Impact Councils: Ready Children, Successful Students, Strong Individuals and Families, and Safety Net; will focus on “Collective Impact,” which brings together groups of partners from different sectors to work on a common agenda for solving specific social problems using a structured form of collaboration.

The work began by gathering information about the opportunities in our community to generate impact on the complex social challenges we face. Those opportunities are narrowed to specific goals or results that we intend to achieve, followed by the identification of metrics to help quantify what it means to achieve our goals. Next, we will develop strategies that define a series of actions or activities that must be in place if we are to successfully achieve our goals. Programs are then funded through a competitive RFP process that will implement the needed actions and activities.

The Impact Councils will continue to collect and measure information about the areas we are working to impact, observe new conditions and accordingly adjust our strategies and actions.

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