Accountability Review Volunteer Opportunities

Have you ever wondered…..

  • If your dollars being used to support strong, well-managed programs?
  • How we make sure the agencies your money is invested in are helping?
  • What impact United Way really having on the community?

The answer is…..

  • Caring people like you, serving as Accountability Review volunteers.
  • We ask volunteers from across the community to conduct the reviews.
  • Our volunteers are donors who want to know.

How does it work? Volunteers….

  • Must be objective.
  • Represent United Way Donors.
  • Participate in an orientation to understand United Way’s  expectations for agencies and programs.
  • Review materials and information provided by the agencies.
  • Use checklist to review the critical areas.
  • Conduct a site visit to the agency.
  • Meet as a team to discuss.

Tell me more.

As an Stewardship Review volunteer, you will evaluate assigned agencies and help ensure donor dollars are invested in programs that are making a real difference in people’s lives.  Volunteer teams review and assess partner agencies on quality standards which measure an agency’s ability to demonstrate success and competency in three key areas: governance, administrative efficiency and fund raising, and financial accountability.

  • You will be asked to invest about 15 hours total over a two month period (February/March and/or September/October, it just depends on your availability and interest).
  • A 1.5 hour orientation and training session will teach you how to understand and interpret Board make up, Board involvement, agency financial, audit review, etc…
  • A significant portion of the review is conducted on-line from any computer

We conduct Stewardship review twice a year February/March and September/October; multiple orientations and training will be held in January and August for the respective sessions. Please CLICK HERE for more information and to register. All training dates as well as meeting times and locations are provided through e-CImpact.



For more information, contact: Andrew Sasseville 210.352.7098